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I write. I write a lot. But as so many of us do, the bulk of it is in emails. Emails to clients mainly for me, but it could emails to suppliers, colleagues, customers, staff, partners etc. Many of these emails are quite brief and to the point (as email should be), but from time to time you need details. I can end up writing a pretty involved email that has a wealth of useful information in it, that has huge value to my clients, but nobody else. So, I decided I really need to start sharing a little bit of wisdom now and then, if thats what it could be called!

Nuggets. Techniques. Hints and tips. Insider info. Test results. the list goes on! i plan to start trawling back through emails and pulling out a few gems, and creating a reasonable sized blog post on each one, and in future plan to start doing this as standard practice each and every week.

Nothing more for this post, this is just the beginning…

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