The Speed of Spam


So this site is not that new, but only recently have I started putting a bit more energy into it, adding content and making it work better, faster etc. So this morning, I added a new contact form to the Contact Me page, this form had never existed before. It took literally 7 minutes from saving the page with the form for me to receive the first spam submission. Seven minutes! The site doesn’t even get much traffic yet, so I found this a bit shocking. In the time it’s taken me to write this, I have got a 2nd spam entry!

Ok, I admit I didn’t have the ReCaptcha or a honeypot set up, but the speed of that is amazing. Clearly, the site is on a huge list and some people have the software set up to send this kind of stuff out at hyper-speed en masse.

But it made me think, I need a better solution than the typical  ‘I am not a robot’ type checks to filter out this junk, while still allowing genuine contact enquires through.

I have found a great solution that I will test out, without adding any other kind of anti-spam checks to the form… and report back in a day to see how many got through!


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